Rights & responsibilities for employees

This is only a brief introduction to the rights and responsibilities for employees.

If you have workers that are working remotely then it’s also a great idea to use remote worker monitoring software as that way you can check on exactly what is being worked on.

In order to take up employment in the UK, you will need to be ready to show your passport to your potential employer. Employers have a legal duty to check your papers and must take a copy of your passport and other documents. If you agree to accept a job offer, then there is a legal contract between you and your employer, even if it is not in written form at this stage. You are entitled to be given written terms and conditions of employment within two months of starting your work.

For your employment, you are guaranteed National Minimum Wage according to your age group (except for apprenticeship and jobs that have tied-in accommodation). You are also protected by law that there are no unauthorised deductions from your salaries. You should not be expected to work more than 48 hours a week unless you have signed an agreement to do so and you are entitled to rest breaks during the working day, between shifts and each week. You are also entitled to statutory paid holidays each year. There should be work safety measures taken at your workplace. If you get ill, you may qualify for statutory sick pay.

For female employees, if you become pregnant, you will be entitled to maternity rights. They include the right to take paid time-off for ante-natal appointments, and to work in a safe environment that does not jeopardise either you or your pregnancy. It is therefore important to notify your employer about your pregnancy so that they can work with you to provide safe working conditions. Your employer cannot legally discriminate against you because of your pregnancy.

As a working parent you may be entitled to: paid and unpaid maternity leave, paid paternity leave, the right to ask for flexible working, the right to take parental leave and time off to care for dependents in an emergency.

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For detailed information for employment rights, please visit the Home Office website here. The TUC (Trades Union Congress) also provides useful information and leaflets. You can download them here.

You can get free and confidential help on all employment issues at Citizens Advice Bureau.

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