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Three Sisters, Glencoe

Feedback is important to us. How often do you hear that phrase? Almost every day, yet sadly it can mean very little. At HIJOBS it really does matter to us.

We recently chatted with Martin Balcombe, Managing Director of Caledonian Discovery in Fort William and regular HIJOBS user.

Martin uses HIJOBS to find great candidates, because:

HIJOBS is the ‘go to’ website for people looking for employment in the Highlands and that the advert is very likely to reach anyone looking for a job in this area”

HIJOBS allows businesses to manage their own recruitment.

We asked Martin, what he liked about the HIJOBS service:

“It is easy to use, once you have set up your account and your employer’s page, you can post a job in under 5 minutes. When we take down a post that has been filled, we can save the entry and run them again. This is very useful for seasonal positions. When I needed some assistance with how to use the website the telephone help was also very good”

Thanks again to Martin Balcombe for taking the time to speak to us having just filled the position of Walking & Biking Guide aboard ‘Fingal of Caledonia’ using HIJOBS.

Caledonian Discovery

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