The National Living Wage

Earlier this year, the UK Government announced the introduction of a compulsory minimum wage premium for all staff over 25 years of age, this is known as the ‘National Living Wage‘.

Living Wage Logo

This is an hourly rate which will be set independently and updated annually and is calculated based on the basic cost of living in the UK, it is currently set at £7.85 an hour.

Unlike the ‘national minimum wage’ which is every business must pay, the ‘national living wage’ is currently optional and will only be made compulsory in April 2016.

In Scotland there are already 298 businesses paying the ‘national living wage’ and are awarded the Living Wage Employer Mark and Service Provider Recognition Scheme badges.

Businesses benefit from paying this as research has shown that the quality of work from staff is improved, sickness levels fall and staff turnover is lower. Families are able to become self-sufficient and provide which out additional support.

Many of the well-known brands who operate across the Highlands, such as SSE and RBS are Living Wage Accredited employers, along with local companies such as Marine Harvest and Munro & Noble Solicitors.

‘Marine Harvest are really proud to be one of the first Highland-based companies to be accredited as a Living Wage Employer’ said HR Manager Vicky Ferguson.

HIJOBS encourages other firms in the Highlands to join the scheme, so that local businesses will have something to be proud of.

We believe it is important that staff and their families are taken care of in and out of the workplace, we are confident many other local businesses would share that ethos.

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