Considering a Career in Hospitality?

The Old Forge, Knoydart. Credit: Flickr / Stefan Magdalinski
The Old Forge, Knoydart. Credit: Flickr / Stefan Magdalinski

The Old Forge, Knoydart. Mainland Britain’s most remote pub. Credit: Flickr / Stefan Magdalinski

With over 200 hotels and 1,000 restaurants in the Highland of Scotland, hospitality is a booming industry.

One which is not only catering (no pun intended) for those making some extra money from casual work in the kitchens or behind the bar but one which can lead to a long, successful and diverse career.

So what is it that makes this industry so appealing?

This is an industry which had changed dramatically over the years and continues to face many challenges. Many people in the industry having been in it most of their lives and worked their way through the ranks, it is still very much time served.

HIJOBS regularly advertise jobs for some very prestigious hospitality positions, a recent one includes the Head Chef at the 5 star Inverlochy Castle.

We asked some of hospitality career candidates, what is it they enjoy most working in this industry?

A regular theme was the great people they work with and meet along the way. Another common them was the evolving and challenging nature of the work.

There is however a skills shortage in the hospitality industry across the country, the industry has 300,000 jobs that need to be filled by 2020 to cope with rapid expansion and market demand, according to the British Hospitality Association.

Unfortunately that shortage affects all levels, as there is still a misconception about the unglamorous nature of the industry.

Thankfully, celebrity chefs such as Jamie Oliver, Heston Blumenthal and Mary Berry are working hard and succeeding to change that perception.

Also, rather amazingly, the industry was not greatly affected by the recession, as businesses quickly adapted to the changing demands.

People still liked to eat out, they just choose different ways of doing it. Many people spend any disposable income they still have on dining out and leisure activities so the demand for staff remains stable if not increasing.

The hospitality industry is thriving and with such wonderful produce on our doorstep why not stay and start a career that really would last you a lifetime?

Take a look at some of the current openings for hospitality careers in the Highlands and Islands.