The creative jobseeking mindset

NEWSPAPERS, radio slots and shop windows used to be the only way to find a job and a few people still consider these options, especially in smaller, rural communities where word of mouth plays large a part.

Ever increasingly and rather unsurprisingly candidates head online when searching for a job. Job searching online is a whole other beast, there is so much opportunity out there and once you know how to find it, you really can be ahead of the game.

Job boards such as HIJOBS list job vacancies on behalf of businesses, but it is believed that 80% of jobs that exist aren’t actually advertised at all.

As a job seeker you need to be creative when applying for the advertised vacancies, but also extremely innovative in finding the jobs that aren’t even posted.

Let’s use an example.

You grew up in Dunbeg, went to Oban High School and at that the spritely age of 17 headed south to study Media and Communications at Glasgow Caledonian University. You love the bright lights of city but your heart belongs to the shores of Argyll.

Obay Bay

Obay Bay

After graduating you head back home but are struggling to find a job. Of course, you have looked on HIJOBS and registered as a candidate to ensure you are first to know about new vacancies in the media industry in your local area but you need to be more creative.

You start to follow local companies that you are looking to work for on LinkedIn. They actively publish information such as press releases, people moving on, acquisitions and new contracts won.

You read between the lines, you have noticed that one of the companies have just acquired a PR firm and won some new business. You work out who the Head of Marketing is and send them a message, congratulating them and explain your local roots, your study and industry experience and why you think you would be a good fit to the team.

You may not get a response but in the end you might get your dream job.

Whether you are applying for a job through HIJOBS or actively searching for one which doesn’t yet exist then be sure to use online media to demonstrate your creative mind-set and industry understanding.