Fancy a job as a Ghost Hunter?

Eilean Donan Castle – Flickr / Moyan Brenn

THE HIJOBS heartlands of the Scottish Highlands are said to be widely haunted, with Inverness being the only Scottish venue on the paranormal activity show’s previous UK tour. Claims of ghost sightings continue to be made across the Highlands.

There are lots of spine-chilling stories from right on your doorstep.

Glencoe (Glen of weeping) - Flickr / Kenneth Barker

Glencoe (Glen of weeping) – Flickr / Kenneth Barker

The Glencoe Massacre happened almost 325 years ago, the story goes that the incoming troops, posed as friendly visitors then attacked their hosts whilst they were sound asleep. In recent times, tourists have claimed to have seen and heard the slaughter whilst out walking in the hills.

Skaill House is built on Skara Brae in Orkney, land which has been inhabited for over 5,000 years. Locals claim it has been built on top of an ancient Pictish burial ground. This is more than likely the reason why there have been so many sightings of ghostly figures in empty rooms and odd occurrences like the sudden waft of cigarette smoke as you move through the building.

Eilean Donan Castle - Flickr / Moyan Brenn

Eilean Donan Castle – Flickr / Moyan Brenn

Eilean Donan Castle is quite frankly stunning, the image of which is incredibly popular but most people don’t know that it is said to be haunted by a Spanish soldier who was killed in a siege in 1719 during the first Jacobite rebellion. The ghost of ‘Lady Mary’ has also been spotted in the castle’s main bedroom.

Whether you’re a believer or not normally comes down to personal experience so why not put that logical mindset aside, consider what would be an exciting and worthwhile career and become a Ghost Hunter, like Harry Price or Lorraine Warren?

Duties of a Ghost Hunter:

“The main duty of a ghost hunters or paranormal investigators is to study the unusual and scary happenings within a particular place which includes the strange noises heard to moving and floating objects seen.”

Sadly we don’t have any vacancies for Ghost Hunters just now but register today on HIJOBS to be the first to find out when we do!