Can your lunch get you on the property ladder?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhether you love your job or can’t wait until Friday, for many people lunchtime is a key part of the working day.

An opportunity to catch up with colleagues, see what’s happening on social media, do some exercise, pop to the shops or even check out the latest vacancies on HIJOBS wink wink.

But at some point you also need to refuel and actually eat some lunch. It could be a simple cheese and tomato sandwich made with Orkney Cheddar from the local deli, a bacon roll topped with Stornoway Black Pudding from the café across the road or even some Loch Fyne Oysters from that posh restaurant in town.

It’s very interesting to see where different people head off to at lunch time.

It can however be a shock to discover exactly how much lunch is costing you every day. Many people don’t realise how much they spend on takeaway coffees and gourmet sandwiches.

Did you know the average office worker could put aside £1,890 a year simply by making sandwiches instead of popping out to the shops at lunchtime?

Is it worth it?

There’s no doubting how easy it is to pop out and pick something up, especially after a hectic morning at work.

But if you made this one simple change as a single person you could save over £15,000 in just eight years, enough for a deposit on a small house.

As working couple you would be able to put aside almost £20,000 aside in just five years by making your own lunches.

Take five minutes out of your morning routine to make an interesting lunch and just imagine what else you could be spending your money on.