What NOT to wear

Following on from our recent blog ‘Will that little black dress do?’ we have noticed a few outfits that are definitely NOT suitable for that all important interview.

Often for more senior roles, candidates try to dress in an authoritative manner, some take it too far and end up looking like Cruella De Vil. When Peter MacFarlane stepped into his new role as Managing Director of the Nevis Range, I doubt he choose an outfit like this.


Could you imagine turning up for an interview at the Vegetarian Society of Scotland sporting Lady Gaga’s bacon dress? Might be appropriate for an interview at Jacksons Butchers in Oban but it’s probably not worth the risk.

Then of course there is the stereotypical ‘sexy’ look, which of course should be left for the weekend or dare we say it probably at home rather than for an interview in the local dentist.


Whilst there are so many things to get wrong, it is also pretty straightforward, keep it simple and smart.

Remember that your appearance out of the interview can be just as important check our top tips on ensuring that your online persona isn’t effecting your job prospects.