Don’t let your Christmas party ruin your career

Its December and the party season is in full swing but when mixing work and pleasure it can be easy to get carried away and regret it the next day.

Remember you need to face these people on Monday morning and regardless of how good you are at your job, if your boss is holding you hair whilst you hold the toilet it’s going to damage your professional reputation too.


Follow our top tips and make sure your career survives the Christmas party:

1. Know your limits

Pace yourself. If you start to feel drunk, sit the next round out and have a glass of water or call a taxi.

2. Don’t get over familiar

Don’t try and be best pals with people that are not your best buddies. No kissing or other extra-curricular activities!

3. Keep it professional

Don’t say or do what you wouldn’t say or do in the office.

4. Make an effort

Make an effort to circulate and get to know people.

5.  Be gracious

At many Christmas parties you often hear people having a moan. Don’t be that person. You may think the restaurant was a bit dingy or the wine was a bit lacking, perhaps you are disappointed that last year you were out of the office all day and this year it is just an evening event. Regardless, your employer has spent money on providing something and someone has spent time organising it, normally in addition to their usual workload.  It is easy to criticise but you never know who is listening and no one likes bad manners.

So keep these points in mind and go on, enjoy your night!