Are you too cool for a promotion?

You’re so cool. You’ve always been cool. You’re friends think you’re cool. You think you’re cool. Hey even your handbag dog thinks you’re cool

You were too cool to get a job. But then it was cool to get a job. So you go a job, because you’re cool and its cool to get a job.

But you are absolutely to cool to get a promotion.

So here are seven surefire ways to make sure you never get that promotion, because you’re cool and promotions are not:

1. Don’t plan your day. Go to work each day without a plan in mind
2. Don’t stress about what time you get to work. Looking better is more important
3. Do the minimum. Have the attitude of “they don’t pay me for that.”
4. Rely on your current skill set. There is no need to learn new skills
5. Voice your complaints. Moan about everything, especially to your boss
6. Don’t share the credit. Make sure that everything that happens that is good is obviously because of you and that you have nothing to do with anything that is bad
7. Don’t make any effort with your teammates. They are not cool.

Or wait have we got this wrong? Are you actually not really very cool at all?