Seven strange interview questions

These days businesses want the best candidates but also want to make an impression and one opportunity to do this is at the interview.

With employers now asking candidates to do all sorts of strange things  we have collated a list of our favourites:


1. Asking people to compare themselves to ridiculous things – “If you were a brick, what kind of brick would you be?”, “What kind of animal are you?” or “Which town are most like like?”

2. Asking candidates to build things – “You need to build a life sized Katie Price using A4 bits of paper and sellotape“.

3. During an interview for a checkout assistant in a large supermarket – “Do you know the difference between petrol and diesel?”

4. Draw four pictures that mean something to you in 60 seconds.

5. In a group interview being ask to stack a room of 100 chairs with the CEO.

6. Having to sell a paperclip for a job as a web developer.

7. Be a radio presenter for 5 minutes without a script. 

Do these types of interview really help them get the best people or is it more likely to send you running for the hills?

Remember a good interviewer and therefore probably a good company will try to put you at ease and not make you feel like your on a painful episode of The Apprentice.