10 top tips for promotion

Nowadays most organisations tend to try to recruit from within and therefore promotion opportunities are far greater.

Within 3 years Joanna MacDonald went from an Administrative Assistant earning £16,000 a year to the Head of Delivery managing over 80 people earning £45,000 within the same technology company.

She shared her simple 10 top tips for promotion with us.


1. Build mentor style relationships – identify someone, not necessarily in the workplace who you professionally admire to gain career guidance.

2. Its all about results – ultimately you need to be performing but also keep a record of performance.

3. Learn to self-promote – sell yourself, be seen to be progressive and share your accomplishments.

4. Establish a bond with your boss – in the same way as you would with a customer build rapport with your manager.

5. Acquire new knowledge and skills – make sure that you are continually learning new and relevant skills for your business.

6. Build your network – the more people in your company that know and value you the better.

7. Ask for more responsibilities – make yourself more valuable, add as many stings to your bow as you possibly can.

8. Act professionally at all times – earn a reputation for being dependable and cooperative.

9. Be a team player – share your successes and don’t point the finger.

10. Create your own opportunities – if you see areas for improvement then take them on, make suggestions and follow through on them.