Don’t make these 12 job hunting blunders

Research shows that 83% of employees will look for a new job this year, you can improve your chances of landing a new role by registering today with HIJOBS.

But first read how to avoid making these 12 common job hunting blunders.


1. Relying on the job classifieds or employer websites.

The majority of jobs are snatched up before they make it to these mediums, so get proactive in your job search.

2. Having unclear job or career goals

Not quite sure what you want to do? Job search focus will allow you to better.

 3. Looking for any old job

A recent job loss or layoff may make you feel desperate, take your time and look for a job that will make you happy and will allow you to learn something new.

4. Being unprepared for interviews

Nothing will close a door faster than a lackluster interview. It’s good practice, and the more you practice, the better you’ll get at the interview process.

5. Going ape with guerilla tactics

You want to be proactive in your job search, but you don’t want to come across as pushy, aggressive, or overbearing.

6. Badmouthing former jobs or colleagues

Follow your grandmother’s adage: “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” Instead, focus on the positive aspects of leaving, such as learning something new, or making a positive career move.

7. Passing out ineffective cover letters and CVs

Your cover letter and resume are your first impression. The more specifically your skills, knowledge, and experience match a particular job, the more likely you are to get a second look.

8. Sending your resume to the HR department

HR departments get hundreds, sometimes thousands, of CVs per week. Send your CV directly to a named person, do your research.

9. Handling rejection poorly

Looking for a job is a numbers game, the right job will come around as long as you keep trying, your positive attitude will shine through.

10. Sending a stock thank-you note

Avoid sending generic typed or emailed thank-you notes. A personalised note will increase the odds that you are favourably remembered.

11. Being unprofessional with your contact information

Change your voicemail so it simply states your name and phone number.

12. Lacking commitment

Looking for a job is well a full-time job. Put your job hunt at the top of your priority list, and give it the time and attention it deserves.