Opportunities are there but how do we find them

The advantages to living away from the hustle and bustle of the city are vast; a lower cost of living, peace and quiet, less traffic (although the commute can be equally as frustrating!) and lower crime rates.

That said, if you’re living in a remote area and in the job market then you’re probably all too familiar with the special challenges your situation presents. If you’re a job seeker in a rural area, first and foremost you need to have your eyes wide open to improve your chances of job search success.

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There are employment possibilities out there, you just need to be more creative.

Think about the following suggestions as you go about job searching in a rural area:

  • Make connections – In most towns and communities there are influential groups and people. You probably know who they are in your area. Introduce yourself to these people and see if they have any suggestions for companies currently recruiting.
  • Join the club – Meeting new people is always a good thing but in smaller communities you’d be amazed at who knows who. Join to see if they have anything you might be able to benefit from.
  • Sharpen your technical skills – Make sure your technological and communication skills are up to speed. Your geographic location won’t make a difference to employers that understand the best tech-savvy candidate for the job.
  • Consider the great outdoors – Living in a remote region often means having greater access to nature and the environment. If working in a natural environment is something that has always appealed to you, think about looking for jobs that will get you away from a desk and into the outdoors.
  • Bye for now – Sometimes the only option is moving away from your hometown to seek education or employment. This doesn’t make you a failure and doesn’t mean you’ll never come back. Once you get your first job or a bit of training, you can always decide to move back and many do.

It’s also worth considering flexible work, many organisations allow you to do your job from anywhere and to stay fully engaged with your employer and work colleagues.

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