East Kilbride: The Town That Offers The Most Apprenticeships In Scotland

East Kilbride has been revealed as the Scottish town that offers the most apprenticeship roles to job seekers in 2017. The oldest new town had 30% more earn as you learn jobs than Glasgow did this year and nearly 292% more than that of capital city Edinburgh.

East Kilbride is currently classed within the 20% of areas in Scotland that are most economically deprived. In 2013, Scottish Government revealed 11.3% of the population of East Kilbride were income deprived and 10.9% of the population were employment deprived due to increased costs of living and flat wages.

However, the town is home to manufacturing plants of some of the largest companies in the world, including Coca Cola, Ultimo and until recently, Rolls Royce. East Kilbride has one of the most varied manufacturing industries in Scotland, from engineering to technology through to textiles and food. With the combined efforts and continuity of frameworks such as the Modern Apprenticeships Scotland, the local government are recognising ways in which they help school and college leavers develop their skills in both industrial and commercial environments.

“Qualified school and college leavers are no longer choosing to put themselves in debt, especially since an apprenticeship offers candidates a chance to earn and learn,” says Laura Saunders, Founder of HIJOBS.  “Furthermore, employers who take on Modern Apprentices are positive about their experiences, noting improved productivity, morale and quality.”

The government introduction to the 2017 Apprenticeship Levy will hopefully encourage more corporate employers in East Kilbride to invest in apprenticeship programmes. Although there are some shortcomings, businesses must remember that in the long run the scheme has been set up to raise the overall quality and quantity of apprenticeships and help boost the local economy.




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