Jobs in Data: Biggest Salary Increases – Q1 2022

Which jobs have seen the biggest increase in pay post-pandemic? We’ve analysed all the listings posted on HIJOBS in the first quarter of 2022 and compared them to the previous year.

While there’s been a lot of coverage around staff shortages and the increased rates of pay offered, particularly in the Hospitality sector, there’s definitely surprises in just how much some roles have jumped up.

With the struggles to fill roles, it’s perhaps no wonder that jobs in HR and Recruitment have also seen a marked increase.

Essential “Key Worker” jobs have always faced ongoing shortages for staff, such as in Driving and Logistics, Care and the NHS where most of these sectors are upping rates of pay above the norm to attract more staff.

So if you’re considering a career move, best check out some of the jobs on offer in these inflation-beating industries first…

Hourly Rates of Pay

SectorQ1 2021Q1 2022Change
Engineering and Technical9.7316.10 66%
Construction, Trades and Property9.9716.38 64%
Modern Apprenticeships 6.51 9.44 45%
Recruitment 8.53 11.05 30%
Housing 11.53 13.50 17%
Medical, Dental and Health Care 9.6611.22 16%
Education10.1211.68 15%
Hospitality 9.4410.81 15%
Catering9.5510.48 10%
Travel10.5011.50 10%
Care10.6111.45 8%
HGV 13.50 14.50 7%
Marine10.14 10.82 7%


SectorQ1 2021Q1 2022Change
Oil and Gas 37,595 60,984 62%
Government 30,92544,359 43%
Modern Apprenticeships 13,37819,169 37%
Scientific26,99736,868 37%
Transport, Logistics and Distribution 29,57535,522 30%
Cleaning and Domestic 20,30124,581 21%
HGV24,98029,536 18%
Media and Design 24,427 29,066 19%
Marketing and PR21,500 25,250 17%
HGV24,881 27,470 10%
Research 33,180 36,477 10%
Agriculture 25,436 27,860 10%
Automotive 25,29327,620 9%
Aquaculture23,98625,980 8%

All rates in £ GBP. Data from analysis of 23,370 vacancies posted on between January and March 2021 and 2022 respectively.

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