“Our vision is of a world where systems of power and resource use are transformed so that all living beings and ecosystems have what they need to flourish, now and in the future.

We are Scotland’s leading environmental campaigning group and work to help people in Scotland to look after the planet for everyone’s future. Working with us will give you the opportunity to be part of a strong and collaborative team that is tackling head-on one of the biggest challenges facing our society.

You will help us deliver transformative solutions to climate change and other environmental problems. Whether campaigning for a Just Transition or working behind the scenes in our Operations Team, your work will enable and empower people to take individual and collective action

From the first step you decide to take with us, we will make sure you get all the support you need to be the best you can be as part of our team.

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  • North East Organiser
    Work from home
    Part Time

    We are looking for an organiser to join in with our work towards a just transition for the North-East of Scotland. This role will lead on local engagement around a just transition away from fossil fuels, particularly focused on alternatives to the proposed new gas power plant proposed in Peterhead.