Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a general question or are experiencing a problem with the website, find answers to some common questions about our employer services here.

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Can I use your site?

Yes of course, there are no restrictions at all!


How do I register?

Simply visit the registration page and complete the form. 


Do I have to put all the information on the registration page?

Yes as it's required to ensure you are a geniune employer.


I’m an individual looking for a private role so don’t have a company name

Simply put "Private" as your company name.


I keep getting a red box saying registration has failed

Read the second sentence in the box it will tell you the issue, normally if you already have an account.


I’ve not used you in a while and can’t remember my login details

Reset your password here. 


How do I post a job?

Firstly you need an active account, login or register then simply go to post a job here.


Will I be tied into a contract?

We are a pay as you go service meaning we do not have any contracts, keep any details or take any money without telling you. At all times you are in control and decide when to order using our self-service ordering system. 


How does it work?

First, register for free. Thereafter you can buy job credits, each credit allows you to advertise a job for up to 30 days and allows you to post a single job.


Can I put lots of jobs into one job advert, to avoid buying more credits?

No, it looks unprofessional, affects performance and reflects badly on both parties.


How much is it?

A single credit starts at £75 + VAT, but if you need to buy more then you can get significant discounts. Each credit allows you to advertise a job for up to 30 days and allows you to post a single job. You can find our current prices and more information in the employers area.


Do you accept cash?

No, we accept Mastercard, Visa, Visa Debit, BACS/CHAPS or Paypal


Do you accept cheques?

No, we accept Mastercard, Visa, Visa Debit, BACS/CHAPS or Paypal


Can I set up a PO invoice with you?

No, we accept Mastercard, Visa, Visa Debit, BACS/CHAPS or Paypal, however if this is an issue please contact us via email.


How do I get an invoice for my records?

You receive an email with this attachment when you order.


Do you have high volume or customised plans?

Yes, we can tailor plans to suit all requirements. Please contact us to find out more.


Do you take non-UK orders?

Sorry, we can only take orders from UK companies.


My company name is incorrect

Please contact us to change it.


How do I update my employer details?

You'll find this in the Employer Profile area of your account.


To get the most out of your advert – see our top tips here. 


Can someone else from within my company use our account?

Yes, you can add a second login for them. Please contact us to do this.


I can’t post a job

Do you have a valid job credit? Check your account status firstly.


I thought I had a credit left but it’s not there

It's more than likely expired, you can check your account status. 


When I copy and paste the information into the job description it isn’t formatted well

Sometimes its lost in translation, simply copy and paste into notepad first then into the main site this will sort any formatting issues.


I don’t have some of the information you are asking for

Don’t worry, fill out as much as you can for the best responses


Can I link to an external application pack instead of receiving emails?

Yes, simply add an "External Application URL" to your listing.


You don’t have a relevant sector for the role I have

Don’t worry, select the most appropriate then email us and we can add it for use in future.


I’ve accidently posted the wrong job and used a credit

Don’t worry, email us and we can fix it for you.


I am advertising a job I have listed before, do I need to start again?

Nope, simply hit "Renew" next to the title, you will need an active job credit though.


I want to list it in multiple locations

You will need to buy multiple job credits to do this.


I don’t need to advertise for 30 days

This is the default, but if you want to close the job early simply press "Archive" in the job manage section and it will be removed.


I can no longer see an advert that I previously advertised?

It may have been moved to the recycle bin. See 


How do I get the most out of my advert?



The cursor is not showing in description / prerequisite fields

Click at the top of the text editor area. See 


What does the ‘bump’ function do?

Refreshes the job and puts you right back to the top, you can also do this via a boost.


What does ‘views’ mean beside the job?

This is very simply, how many people have viewed your job, these are unique people so if someone has looked lots of times that doesn’t count. It is updated every 24 hours.


What does ‘apps’ mean beside the job?

This shows how many people have applied for the job, by clicking the number it will take you to the specific CVs for you to view and download.


I haven’t received any applications

Check your ‘manage jobs’ section to see applications and also your spam filters on your emails.


What does ‘clicks’ mean beside the job?

This is only used if you have an external application process, it shows how many people have clicked through to your site from ours to view the job.


What does ‘expires’ mean beside the job?

This tells you when the job will finish, it automatically removes on this date.


What does ‘edit’ mean beside the job?

You can click this on any live job to make changes at any time which will update your published listing


Do I need to share on Facebook and Twitter?

We share the job automatically through our networks, but you can also share it on your own pages. 


I’m a charity can I get a discount?

We are extremely cost effective and can’t offer any further discounts, however for volunteers positions please get in touch.


Why is it so cost effective?

Due to our self-service nature we are able to keep overheads down.


I've not heard back to an email

Please give us 24 hours before following up.