Mechanical and Systems Engineering Manager


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About Aggreko plc:
Around the world, people, businesses and countries are striving for a better future. A future that needs power and the right conditions to succeed.  That’s why at Aggreko, we work ‘round the clock, making sure our customers get the electricity, heating and cooling they need, whenever they need it – all powered by our trademark passion, unrivalled international experience and local knowledge. From urban development to unique commercial projects and even humanitarian emergencies, we bring our expertise and equipment to any location, from the world’s busiest cities to some of the most remote places on earth.  Every project is different, so we listen first and design a system supported by our service anywhere, to any scale. Transforming the lives and livelihoods of individuals, organisations and communities across the globe. 

Primary purpose:

Responsible for the mechanical engineering and systems engineering aspects of the continuing development and technical support of the Aggreko product range.

Leadership of the mechanical and systems engineering team developing team capability and knowledge, tools, and processes while working with the planning function to assure capacity.

Responsible for the quality, integrity and delivery of mechanical product development activities, and the provision of technical support to internal functions and the supply chain.

Responsible for the development and provision of system engineering within the M&T group including product functional definitions, requirement sets, and modularisation strategies.

Provide technical input to future product strategies, working with Product and Technology functions to inform and influence future product level strategies.

Key responsibilities:

  • In conjunction with Principal Engineers is a formal signatory for the engineering release of mechanical designs and products.
  • Manages a team of engineers deployed across a range of activities within M&T including sales support, development, sustain engineering, service engineering and technology development.
  • Defines the overall envelope, physical layout, performance limits, modular breakdown, and interfaces for the Aggreko products. Reviews supplier designs and their conversion to meet the modular mobile format of the Aggreko products.
  • Provides technical support to Manufacturing and Operations.
  • Works with the other Engineering Managers and the planning team to ensure that the overall on-time delivery of projects and programmes in the department. Monitors and drives the delivery to time and quality of the activities allocated to the mechanical team.
  • Has a clear understanding of the balance of activity and skills between permanent, internal agency, and external sub-contractors. Actively develops a work package focus and establishes outsourced subcontract working to overcome peaks in load, and to allow expertise to be maintained internally.
  • Coaches and develops the team to ensure that it is capable of meeting both the current and projected engineering needs. Maintains a clear understanding of the capabilities of individuals in the team and regularly reviews this with planning to assure suitable deployment and allocation of activity.
  • Develops the team’s core skills in computer aided 3D modelling, calculation and simulation to improve design capability whilst enhancing simultaneous engineering including thermal calculation, 1D flow analysis, FEA and CFD.
  • Develops the team’s core skills in System Engineering including functional breakdown, modularisation, interface management, system optimisation.
  • Identifies, sponsors, introduces, maintains, and upgrades suitable technical tools, compatible with the Aggreko IT policy, that enhance the efficiency and quality of the activities undertaken by the mechanical team.
  • Drives improving HSE performance via product design and operational guidance ensuring safety is given top priority.  Supports the Risk Assessment process for design and field issues. Provide technical input to Global HSE team as required
  • Assists in budgeting process for the Engineering and Technology Department. Determines the man-hours required for major projects and activities, monitors the subsequent spend and takes early corrective action where necessary.
  • Ensures that the mechanical and structural aspects of the products are engineered and packaged to meet a variety of applications and environments, taking into account efficiency of operation, reliability, maintainability, flexibility and lifetime costs of ownership. Develops and manages design style guides for the Aggreko products to ensure common design philosophy across the range. Maintains awareness of applicable international and national codes and standards, and assures product qualification and compliance where necessary.
  • Monitors the ongoing performance of the existing fleet and manages the development of mechanical and system improvements to meet customer improvement requests. This includes adapting the products to meet new applications or environmental requirements, and the needs of new business sectors.
  • Carries out technical liaison with key suppliers regarding the selection of components, their support in production and subsequently throughout the lifetime of the product. Responsible for ongoing mechanical component and system cost reduction and support to the purchasing team for low cost economy sourcing.
  • Supports the Sustain Engineering Manger to develop and maintain an appropriate level of documentation of the mechanical aspects of all products to ensure that they can be supported throughout their lifetime.
  • Works with the Technology Manager to understand and plan the transition of new concepts NTA projects into NPD’s then in service.
  • Remains abreast of current market technologies and familiar with industry trends. Has a drive to perform at a high level and passion to develop market leading products.

Indicative performance measures:

  • Project designs, drawings and BOMs and budgets delivered on time
  • Accuracy of quality of design delivered for prototype test and production with seamless transfers between phases
  • Positive customer feedback on equipment capability, performance, functionality and reliability
  • Fast and effective technical support provided
  • New products developed to meet the needs of emerging as well as incumbent markets

Person Specification:


A good Degree in a Mechanical and / or System Engineering discipline with relevant management experience and training in product development and design. Chartered Engineer preferred.

Professional skills/experience

  • Fully qualified, seasoned professional mechanical engineer who has sufficient expertise to be able to resolve a variety of issues/problems and to ensure that the mechanical aspects make the best commercial use of available technologies and components.
  • Experience of a design/development role in a commercially demanding manufacturing environment plus experience of the control/management of professional engineers and design draughtspersons. A firm grasp of design processes including computer aided engineering.
  • Ability to develop, coach, mentor and motivate a team of professional engineers.
  • Ability to work to tight timescales, under pressure, whilst maintaining the correct level of quality. Ability to balance the needs of reliability, maintainability, and efficient performance within the commercial and packaging constraints.
  • Experience of controlled simultaneous engineering using stage-gated Product Development processes.
  • Ability to quickly recognise critical issues, whether technical or in terms of workload, at an early stage.

Personal skills/experience

  • Highly committed and goal driven manager who takes personal ownership of the objectives for his team.
  • Good planning and organisational skills and ability to quickly identify the critical issues.
  • Ability to build a competent, flexible and motivated technical team by effective selection, coaching and performance management of individuals. Create an open and challenging culture where people are expected to continually strive to improve their performance.
  • Ability to lead and to work effectively within a team. Teams may be within Systems Engineering Department, Aggreko Manufacturing and Technology or Aggreko worldwide.
  • A commercial attitude and customer focus that includes the ability to incorporate customer needs into product design, taking into account cost implications and the conflicting needs of different market places.
  • Flexibility to meet a fluctuating workload and a wide variety of, often unpredictable, problems. Ability to motivate the mechanical engineering team to respond to new challenges and continual change.
  • Ability to quickly build up an understanding of the commercial realities of Aggreko’s business.
  • Ability to respond constructively to pressure and continual change.
  • Highly committed and goal driven.
  • Ambitious and with the potential to move to a more senior level within the Aggreko organisation.
  • Excellent communications and good organisational skills.

About Us
We’re the people who use our big boxes to make a massive difference. We believe in the positive impact of power and the ability to control temperature. We believe what we do opens up opportunity and creates potential for individuals, communities, industries and societies over the world.  We believe when we work together we can do anything. We believe in the power of our team.  We’re the people who keep the lights on. And we recruit the best talent, too.

Our four values help us get even better at what we do.  It’s the Aggreko way of working – we call it Always Orange. 

Always Orange means: 

Being dynamic: We’re nimble and are always ready to react to an ever changing world.
Being expert: We know our stuff, we’re great under pressure and we thrive in our busy, fast-paced, deadline-driven environment. We use our experience to make a difference. We know how to challenge and we have the courage of our convictions.
Being together: We play for Team Aggreko and value the expertise of everyone around us. We’re accountable and we hold others to account.
Being innovative: We never miss an opportunity to learn, to look out, or to be better.

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