YPG Environmental Trainee (MTS Decoration Squad)

East Renfrewshire Council


From £12,500 per annum Full Time Contact: Human Resources Reference: ERN03424


An opportunity has arisen for individuals to gain experience in the world of employment through the Council’s Mixed Tenure Scheme. As well as providing training and guidance specifically in the field of painting and decorating the Council also offers successful candidates the opportunity to work as part of a successful well established team which has a significant reputation for high quality, customer focused work.


The successful candidates(s) will work as part of a small team in tenants homes carrying out internal painting and papering duties. The working week is 35 hours Monday to Friday. The opportunity is provided until March 2022 when a review of funding will determine if the post continues.



Pension Scheme


Employees with a contract of employment for 3 months or more are automatically included in our Local Government Pension Scheme which is a career average scheme.  Pension contribution rates are based on a tiered system determined by your annual full time equivalent pensionable pay.  For example for those earning up to and including £21,800 the contribution rate you pay is 5.5% of your salary. The council pays the rest of the cost of providing your benefits. This amount varies but it's always enough to make sure your pension can be paid and will be at least 19.3% of your pay.  In addition you get tax relief on your contributions - the tax you pay on your salary is calculated after your pension contributions are deducted. 


Other main pension benefits include a pension that increases each year in line with price inflation and the ability to exchange some of your pension to provide a tax free lump sum.  Further details can be found in the attached document General Information for Applicants or via the Strathclyde Pension Fund website www.spfo.org.uk.

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