Klin Operator

Mowi Scotland


Full Time Contact: Human Resources Reference: 192167

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Key Areas

  • Completely rinse off all salt and sugar on all products that come into department and leave in order of rinse time for a period of two hours to drain off excess water.
  • Weigh all trollies of fish on floor scales in order to accurately record the fish weight on the trolley.
  • This is achieved by entering the tare weight of the trolley and traceability data into a digital Bizerba recorder.  Once this is completed, a tag will be printed from the Bizerba and  attached to the trolley.  All data must then be manually recorded onto  the relevant CCP documents.
  • All temperatures and information are to be recorded on CCP documents in their respective boxes. This is achieved by using company calibrated probes and recording accurately the digital readouts from the probe onto the CCP document provided.
  • Due to the different products that we deal with in the Kilns Department, allocating the right amount of time to each process is essential for the success of the shift you are on and for the oncoming shift.
  • The moving trollies loaded with fish is a two operator task and must be performed using the company approved PPE & SOP’s.
  • Make sure you put the correct programme on for the named product you are about to cook or smoke respectively.  This information is on the front of the kilns and on the paperwork
  • Loading trollies of fish into the kilns carries with it the responsibility of choosing the correct programme for the specific product and following up throughout the smoke/cook by completing regular checks confirming that the programme is working in the expected manner.  In addition to this, whilst (smoking only) there has to be regular checks carried out on the smoke generators ensuring that there is enough mixed dust/chips to complete the smoke correctly.
  • Follow CCP cooling procedures as outlined on the company regulated paperwork to ensure the product is released safely.
  • All data recording is inputted on several excel based spreadsheets, so a basic understanding is required for this.
  • All of the products that come into the Kilns are reported through Infor, MO’s are created and closed by all Kiln operators. 
  • Dust is mixed according to the product; this is found on paperwork located in the department and shows all mixing percentages.

All smoke generators are cleaned by operators when required. PPE is given during this task and must be worn as per company policy.

Key Performance Indicators

  • Time Keeping and Attendance.
  • Overall performance monitored by monthly catch-ups with Team Leader
  • Ensure compliance with Health and Safety requirements to facilitate a safe working method and environment for all other staff.
  • Report all accidents and near misses to the department’s Management, Supervisor or the Health & Safety Representative.
  • Each employee has a duty of care to their fellow employees and as such must take all reasonable precautions not to endanger the health of others.  Each employee must conduct themselves within the company guidelines as set out by management generally with respect to individual tasks.


  • Good communicator (E)
  • Team player (E)
  • IT skills (D)


  • No experience required as business will provide training.

Role holder must consistently embody the Mowi Values & Leadership Principles and work in accordance with the Marine Harvest Code of Conduct

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