Customer Assistant - Bank and Service - Aberdeen

Purpose Working hours Sunday 1100-1500 Monday off Tuesday off Wednesday 1100-1500 Thursday off Friday 1100-1500 Saturday 1100-1500 INTRODUCING OUR CUSTOMERS TO OUR BANK AND LOYALTY PRODUCTS What we are looking for We are looking for...


Working hours

Sunday 1100-1500
Monday off
Tuesday off
Wednesday 1100-1500
Thursday off
Friday 1100-1500
Saturday 1100-1500


What we are looking for

We are looking for the very best people to shine in our stores as advocates of our M&S Bank and Services Products. This role is perfect for someone who enjoys connecting to our customers and colleagues. An inquisitive attitude will help you quickly become an authority on the products you are introducing to our customers –and a motivation to know your stores performance and a want to improve it day on day / week on week will make you successful.


We are re-defining M&S Bank and Services and the way we introduce our customers to our products. As a result, the purpose of the job role could evolve and develop along with our customer proposition and our products.

- The current role core purpose is to proactively introduce our customers to our M&S Bank Credit Card and Club Rewards upgrade, contributing to the store’s overall performance.

- You will be the key referral point on the M&S Bank Products you are trained on and further products if they become in scope to this role.

- You will be responsible for introducing products to customers to the most suitable and appropriate customers throughout the store, always following the training that you receive, to ensure the most suitable customers are treated fairly and are well informed.

- As a Bank and Services Colleague, you will be a highly visible colleague in our stores and around our till points supporting the wider store-team in delivering an outstanding shopping experience.

- You will place the customer’s best interests first, seeking to provide not only a great shopping experience, but with the overall aim to achieve the best possible outcome for customers in store each time.

Key Capabilities

- Self-motivated individual who strives to contribute and perform.

- Understand the role that you play within the store and within the success of M&S. Ability to plan your own day and self-motivate throughout a shift.

- Supports line manager on improving store Bank and Service Performance through sharing feedback and suggestions.

- Can adapt and listen to the customer’s needs in order to provide a positive M&S experience.

- Open to and acts on feedback, seeking this regularly.

- In control of their own responses and considers how to share their perspective in a way that creates a positive reaction from the team.

- Understands the need for change and positively supports the business as we evolve our Bank and Services model in stores.

Key Accountabilities

- Support the store targets for Bank & Services product introduction through personal delivery, delivery within your immediate team and through engagement and relationships across the store including with store leadership.

- Become the authority on the products that you are asked to introduce so that you can expertly introduce them to suitable customers in a compliant and positive manner.

- Always act with integrity and adhere to compliance requirements when introducing our financial products to our customers.

- Communicate with Store Leadership colleagues on successes and opportunities that you identify so that we can do things better.

- Share your knowledge and experience with store colleagues to help the store’s performance.

- Be aware of store level and bank performance to help consistently deliver suitable and compliant introductions to customers on our credit products.

- Approach suitable customers to introduce our Bank and Services financial products and discuss them using the M&S Bank approved script and Frequently Asked Questions responses.

- Serve our customers efficiently, thoughtfully, and compliantly – giving them the best experience that you can.

Technical Skills / Experience

- Ability to connect to our customers and establish relationships with other store colleagues as these will be key to your success in this role.

- Comfortable to start conversations with customers about our products including our M&S Credit Card in a compliant way.

- Self-drive and a determination and motivated to improve on your own performance and the store’s results.

- A solid basic level of digital capability.

- Self-accountable to stay up to date with training, new ways of working and adopt new digital enhancements as they evolve.

- An active interest in the way our customers are shopping across difference channels.

- An appreciation of the importance of loyalty products and how valued they are for us and our customers.

- Adaptability to change through different priorities and campaigns through the year and with the potential for future evolution of the role.

Key Relationships

- Our customers

- Your colleagues in store and Bank and Service Colleagues instore and in other stores.

- Your Store Leadership Team

- M&S Bank and Service Performance Manager

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