Retail Apprentice

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We are looking to recruit a Retail Apprentice for our shop in Avonmead (BS2 0SP). We offer a permanent full-time position working a variety of shifts, 5 days from 7 each week. What does the...

We are looking to recruit a Retail Apprentice for our shop in Avonmead (BS2 0SP). We offer a permanent full-time position working a variety of shifts, 5 days from 7 each week.

What does the apprenticeship involve?

- Working in a busy shop and learning how to be a great retail assistant.

- Regular pre-arranged visits (every 4 to 6 weeks) from an assessor from our apprenticeship provider.

- Regular completion of apprenticeship coursework.

- Completion of functional skills in English and Maths (only if required).

- Completion of an assessment at the end of your 12 months of training.

Pay, working hours and benefits:

You will earn £8.29 per hour from day one and are guaranteed 35 hours pay per week.  This means that your weekly pay will be at least £290. In addition, you will also benefit from:

- A retailer level 2 apprenticeship standard qualification.

- Paid time to complete your apprenticeship coursework.

- Great training and support.

- Opportunities for career progression.

As one of our retail apprentices you will:

- Make all of our customers feel welcome with a friendly smile and simple hello.

- Help customers find the items they are looking for.

- Give a fast and friendly service at the tills, always offering help to pack and leaving a good impression with a friendly thank you and goodbye.

- Handle stock with care whilst working deliveries, quickly placing products into our freezers and onto our shelves ready for our customers to buy.

- Work with the rest of your team to complete the daily and weekly routines that keep our shops clean and tidy.

You will need:

- A friendly, positive, hardworking approach to work.

- To enjoy being busy as there is always something to do. You’ll jump from putting out deliveries to serving on the till, helping customers on the shop floor, completing important cleaning and stock rotation routines and more! 

- To be reliable as you will be an important part of a small team. Your colleagues and customers will depend upon you to do your best on each shift and not let the team down.

- A bit of flexibility when it comes to your shifts.  When other members of your team are off enjoying their holidays, we may need you to work slightly different hours to cover for them.  Rota’s are planned three weeks in advance and your commitments outside of work will always be taken into consideration when planning your shifts.

- Ensure that all work set by our apprenticeship provider is completed on time and to the best of your ability.

More than just a job:

There are many opportunities for a career at Farmfoods. We have some great training programmes and always look to promote to Shop and Area Manager positions from within. Many people in management and central services positions at Farmfoods started their careers in our shops, so this could be the start of a rewarding career for you.

A bit about us:

Farmfoods are a family business with ambition. We pride ourselves on offering our customers great value, quality products from clean and tidy shops with the friendliest team in retail.

We aim to offer sensational value to customers on a great range of everyday family-oriented goods.  We back up our sensational value with a focus on delivering an ‘old fashioned’, genuine and friendly customer experience.

Our retail apprentices are very important. They each serve hundreds of customers each week and have the reputation of Farmfoods in their hands. To our customers, they are Farmfoods. 

Contract information:

Position: APR, Hours: 35, Days: 5