Estate Manager's Assistants - A Couple Wanted

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The owners of a small, family run west Highland estate require a couple to assist the long standing estate Manager. The role requires living on-site in free accommodation in a brand new house. The couple need to be familiar with the flexible nature of the running and maintenance of all different aspects of caretaking on a Highland estate.

Seeking a calm, indpendent couple with developed rural and domestic skills for a responsible caretaking role on a small Highland estate.

The couple must be independent thinkers, able to show initiative and have developed problem solving skills. A flexible, positive and easy going manner is essential for this role.

The role is "always-on" in nature due to living on site. However, it's also flexible and could work well in and around canditates who have full-time, or a part-time jobs locally.

People skills are vital to fulfulling this role. There is a small holiday letting business alongside day-to-day estate maintenance and asisstant management. 

The role comes with a brand new three bedroom house on the edge of Loch Linnhe, three miles south of Fort William.

The house will be available from June for the right canditates and will be offered free of charge (excluding council tax and electricity) in exchange for fulfillig the role and providing critical back up to the experienced and long standing Estate Management couple, who also live on site. 






The couple will be asked to perform any tasks that may be required on a day-to-day basis, and on a flexible, but always-on nature.

Roles and Responsibilities

To shadow the Estate Management couple in all tasks and responsibilities;
To assist in the holiday let changeover business - cleaning, laundry, gardening, maintenance, tenant relations, meet/greet, problem solving;
To assist in the running and maintenance of Coruanan House and Estate.

Skills (min.) necessary - power-saw, wood cutting, gardening, handyman skills, road maintenance, driving with full drivers licence of cars and ATV vehicles, private water supply maintenance, cleaning and laundry. 

Please note that this is an independent contractor role and the hours per week as specfiied here (15 hours per week) are to be shared between two people. These hours per week are also an approximation due to the flexible nature of the role.

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