Concierge Estate Manager

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Concierge Estate Manager Location: Ardrhu House Fort William Job Type: Full-time, On-Site Living...

We are seeking a highly organized and detail-oriented individual to join our team as a concierge estate manager for a privately owned 7 bedroom property in a scenic area of the Scottish Highlands. The property caters itself to private use, semi serviced stays, weddings/ events, and seasonal day spa and B&B activity. The concierge estate manager will be responsible for overseeing all aspects of the estate, including managing household staff rotas, coordinating maintenance and repairs, overseeing event planning and logistics, managing household compliance requirements, providing front of house duties such as checking guests in & out, as well as participating in overall guest service, housekeeping and laundry duties. Strong administrative skills for dealing with emails and reservations are necessary to succeed, overseeing all the business aspects of Ardrhu House whilst remaining actively engaged with the guest/customer side.

The role includes duties to secure the premises, monitor alarms and be available for emergencies on-site. The role requires living on-site and accommodation is available on-site in a 2-bed cottage shared with another staff member


Manage household staff, including training and rota scheduling
Oversee all aspects of estate maintenance and repairs, including coordinating with outside contractors and maintenance person.
Plan and execute events and special occasions, including coordinating with caterers, florists, and other vendors
Provide personalized service to the guests, including arranging travel, dining reservations, and entertainment plans
Ensure the security, safety and privacy of the estate and its occupants.
Assist with front of house duties, including checking guests in & out.
Oversee and participate in front of house, maintenance and housekeeping duties, ensuring the estate is kept in immaculate condition and guests are attended to promptly.
Maintain detailed records and reports on household activities and expenditures
Utilize strong administrative skills for dealing with emails, reservations, and other communication tasks
Oversee all the administrative business aspects of Ardrhu House whilst remaining actively engaged with the customer side


Yearly bonus


Previous experience as an estate manager, concierge, or similar role
Strong organizational and time management skills
Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
Ability to work independently and prioritize tasks effectively
Knowledge of household maintenance and repair procedures
Proficiency in working with computers and office equipment.
Strong administrative skills for managing emails, reservations, and other communication tasks.
If you have a passion for hospitality, a keen eye for detail, are willing to live on-site in shared accommodation, possess strong administrative skills, and are able to oversee the administrative business aspects of Ardrhu House while remaining engaged with the customer side, we invite you to apply for the position of concierge estate manager.

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