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Forestry Commission

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Background Information

Forest Enterprise Scotland (FES) is an agency of the Forestry Commission, managing the National Forest Estate on behalf of Scottish Ministers. The Estate extends to 630,000ha, some 9% of Scotland's land area and is managed by a team of some 830 staff distributed across Scotland and delivering a diverse range of business activities including sustainable land and forestry management, timber harvesting and sales, recreation and community partnerships, renewable energy and agriculture. FES provides services for millions of visitors and does business with customers across a range of activities.

FES is reliant on effective and efficient Digital & ICT (D&ICT) services to achieve successful delivery of its vision and corporate targets. Of distinctive importance are systems for commercial timber and venison sales, procurement and tendering, business and government accounting, spatial planning and data management (GIS), digital communications (web, etc.) and management of contracts and agreements.

FES currently benefits from the provision of Information Services (IS) as part of the Forestry Commission's Shared Services Team based in Silvan House in Edinburgh. This service is shared across different parts of the Forestry Commission and encompasses business systems desktop management, data networks, voice networks, radio and electronics and service desk.

As Forestry Commission activity becomes further devolved, we need to develop D&ICT services expertise within FES to support our vision, strategies and future requirements for D&ICT services, and to implement new models for service provision, particularly in collaboration with the Scottish Government. We need to ensure that our key delivery business areas; Land Management, Community Services and Estate Development have the services they need for effective delivery, and that we achieve a smooth transfer of Forestry Commission in-house digital services into FES. FES will also provide D&ICT services to the sponsor body, Forestry Commission Scotland (FCS).

D&ICT is a newly established and evolving team which resides within the Business Services function. As a member of the FES Management Board, the Head of Business Services has overall accountability for this function.

This is an exciting time and will provide the candidate with the opportunity to become involved at the start of an important programme working in a dynamic environment. FES is a diverse business and there are many opportunities to implement D&ICT services to give our business an edge.

It is envisaged that this post would be located in either Edinburgh or Inverness however alternative locations will be considered.

Purpose of the Job

To ensure Forest Enterprise Scotland (FES) and Forestry Commission Scotland (FCS) achieves maximum business benefit from its use of Digital & Information and Communications Technology (D&ICT) by:

'Planning and managing the transition of D&ICT technical services (including: Applications, Infrastructure and Architecture) from Forestry Commission (FC) Central Services to FES;

'Leading the FES technical delivery teams to ensure that new application and infrastructure developments are undertaken effectively, efficiently and reflect the priorities of service users;

'Ensuring that FES has a D&ICT technical architecture which enables digital transformation whilst delivering a secure, robust and resilient service to FES and FCS

Key Work Areas

Technical Transition

'Take a lead role in transitioning ICT service and support the Head of Digital Services to deliver the ICT Transition Programme.

'Establish technical requirements, appraise delivery options, design solutions, planning, technical delivery, support and maintenance.

'Evaluate options to transition ICT services, recommend and implement solutions considering risk, impact, effort and cost.

'Work with the Head of Digital Services to design and establish a technical architecture which ensures that D&ICT services are: available, sustainable, secure, robust and meet the requirements of FES & FCS.

'Ensure the continued effective & efficient operation of the ICT hardware, operating software, database systems, applications software and data networks.

Supplier Management

'Ensure that the FES receives the contracted services from suppliers of operational services and that these services are provided effectively and efficiently, and holding suppliers to account for any failure to meet the contracted service.

'Working with the D&ICT Service Manager to select suppliers, following appropriate procurement processes, to enable the delivery of services required for transition whilst ensuring a long term focus.

Service Establishment

'Work collaboratively with FC Information Services to plan for and implement the transfer of service into Scotland.

'Establish systems to monitor and manage the ICT estate ensuring the effective & efficient operation of the hardware, operating software, database systems, applications, software and data networks.

'Ensuring that change control is adhered to in this area to maintain a robust infrastructure and reliable service.

'Responsible for the creation of full operational documentation to aid future service delivery.

'Ensure that customer groups are informed of developments and outages that may affect business operations.

'Work closely with the D&ICT Service Manager to ensure that Service Level Agreements are created to meet the needs of the business customers.

Staff Management

'Ensure that staff are fully aware of their roles & responsibilities within D&ICT and across the wider FES/FCS business and that they adhere to all appropriate policies, procedures and processes.

'Undertake regular staff appraisals ensuring that every staff member has an agreed Forward Job Plan/Individual Learning plan, and undertake timely management of poor performance.

'Oversee the personal development of each staff member, ensuring that they all have the necessary training for their roles, enabling them to reach their full potential within D&ICT and FES/FCS.

'Ensure the appropriate distribution of skills throughout area of responsibility to remove any critical dependence on key individuals, and undertake succession planning as appropriate.

Person Specification

Experience and Professional/Technical Expertise


Substantial experience delivering ICT services or projects to a large, diverse user community using a combination of in-house staff and 3rd party technology suppliers;

Proven project management experience with line management of specialist technical teams;

Strong planning, communication and presentation skills with the capability to listen and influence;

Detailed knowledge of enterprise technologies including, WAN/LAN networks, server technologies, storage technologies, end-user systems and management systems;

Experience of technical architecture and designing technical solutions in an enterprise environment;

Familiar with the effective and efficient deployment of resources in a dynamic multi-project environment to achieve optimum results;

An understanding of enterprise security standards (e.g. PSN, ISO27001).


Experienced in ITIL service management processes;

Contract and supplier management experience;

Explaining technical information to a non-technical audience;

Batchelor's degree in a related subject;

Relevant project management qualification;

Relevant professional certifications (e.g. Microsoft, Cisco);

Knowledge of virtualisation and cloud technologies.

Core Competencies

Seeing the Big Picture

Be alert to emerging issues and trends which might impact or benefit you and your team's work;

Develop an understanding of your area's strategy and how this contributes to Departmental priorities.

Changing and Improving

Be willing to meet the challenges of difficult or complex changes, encouraging and supporting others to do the same;

Prepare for and respond appropriately to the range of possible effects that change may have on your role/team.

Making Effective Decisions

Make decisions when they are needed, even if they prove difficult or unpopular;

Identify a range of relevant and credible information sources and recognise the need to collect new data when necessary from internal and external sources;

Recognise patterns and trends in a wide range of evidence/data and draw key conclusions.

Leading and Communicating

Take opportunities to regularly communicate and interact with staff, helping to clarify goals and activities and the links between these and Departmental strategy;

Convey enthusiasm and energy about your work and encourage others to do the same.

Managing a Quality Service

Make effective use of project management skills and techniques to deliver outcomes, including identifying risks and mitigating actions;

Work with team to set priorities, goals, objectives and timescales.

Delivering at Pace

Take responsibility for delivering expected outcomes on time and to standard, giving credit to teams and individuals as appropriate;

Plan ahead but reassess workloads and priorities if situations change or people are facing conflicting demands.

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