Principal Teacher Raising Attainment (Temporary)

North Ayrshire Council

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To lead, manage and give strategic direction within allocated sphere of responsibility and to be part of the management team of the establishment/service.

Within their areas of responsibility, manage and deliver teaching services in accordance with the directions of the headteacher or Senior Manager in conformance with the Community Planning Partnership's Single Outcome Agreement, the Council's Plan, the Service Improvement Plan and in compliance with the relevant legislation and policy and guidance advice issued by the Scottish Government.


Corporate Responsibilities

To deliver an effective education service in accordance with the Council's corporate polices and procedures and relevant strategy provision. To understand information management and security issues and work in line with legislation and Council policies and guidelines, ensuring that information is used, shared and managed appropriately. To undertake any other reasonably required duties, consistent with duties detailed in Part 2 Section 2 of the SNCT Handbook of Conditions of Service, as directed by the Executive Director (Education and Youth Employment) or nominee, in addition to the role specific tasks & responsibilities detailed below.

Role Specific Tasks & Responsibilities

To ensure delivery of a high quality service to children & young people, including: A commitment to a pupil and parent/carer focus; The pursuit of continuous improvement and best practice; The implementation and evaluation of effective quality assurance procedures. Motivating colleagues towards a shared goal. Responsible for the leadership, good management and strategic direction of colleagues including: Developing a shared vision for, and a positive culture in, the department; Direct line management responsibility for allocated teaching and support staff including promoting a climate of team working and collegiality; Assisting with the selection and recruitment of staff; In co-operation with senior managers, assist with timetabling arrangements of their team; Monitoring and evaluating departmental progress on a regular basis and through effective systems to ensure positive impact and outcomes; The provision of quality advice, challenge and support to colleagues; Reviewing the CPD needs, career development, performance of colleagues, and supporting the Professional Update of colleagues, through the PRD process; Supporting probationer and student teachers; Contributing to the continuous development, implementation and evaluation of school policies through effective departmental improvement planning; Managing, developing, implementing and evaluating health and safety policy within particular remit. Lead and manage the development, implementation and monitoring of allocated areas of the curriculum, including: Curriculum development and quality assurance; Monitoring and evaluating the aims and priorities in addition to the learning and teaching, of allocated areas of the curriculum; Respond proactively to opportunities to bid for additional establishment/ authority/national funding to take forward additional departmental priorities/developments as appropriate; Liaising and co-operating with the Education Senior Managers and other support services and departments; Administration of arrangements which support assessment, moderation and profiling including, where appropriate, national examinations and arrangements for presentation of candidates; Responsibility for efficient use of resources, including, where appropriate, allocated budget; Contributing towards the integrity of assessment procedures and provision of useful and accurate information to pupils and parents. To assist the headteacher/senior manager in implementing the whole school policy, dealing with pastoral care, assessment and pupil welfare, including: Developing, managing and implementing policies on learning and teaching, assessment and attainment including personal achievement, and support for, pupils; Contributing to the development of school policy which promotes and maintains good order and discipline amongst pupils; Participating in issues related to school improvement planning; Contributing to the wider needs of the school community; Implementing appropriate aspects of the school improvement plan. Deliver teaching services in accordance with the directions of the headteacher/line manager, including: Teaching assigned class, groups or individual pupils together with associated responsibilities; Assessing, moderating, recording, profiling and reporting on the work of pupils; Ensuring, where appropriate, pupils are prepared for examinations and assisting with their administration; Providing advice and guidance to parents and pupils on issues related to their education. Work in partnership with children and young people, colleagues, parents/carers, other specialist agencies, staff in other schools and recognised bodies as appropriate. Undertake appropriate and agreed continuing professional development in line with the Standards for Leadership and Management, Professional Review and Development, Professional Update and school improvement priorities.






Qualification & Registration

Full GTCS registration Required to join the PVG Scheme for this type of regulated work Professional recognition by GTCS Evidence of postgraduate, or equivalent, study Other, relevant, qualifications Application Form Interview Pre Employment Check


Working knowledge of all relevant areas of the curriculum Experience of teaching pupils at different stages Experience of developing assessment practices and procedures in collaboration with colleagues across department and school Experience of planning and delivering inter-disciplinary learning Experience of working with pupils with additional needs Experience of working outwith departmental level Experience of leading others Application Form References Interview

** Professional Values & Personal Commitment

Evidence of appropriate Continuous Professional Development Evidence of self-evaluation Willingness to actively develop the ethos of the school Commitment to support the development of young people to develop their skills Commitment to support the personal, social, emotional and intellectual development of young people Commitment to, and experience of, developing the wider life of the school Application Form References Interview

** Strategic Vision


Is able to demonstrate evidence of career long learning Can demonstrate evidence of supporting colleagues in their learning Can demonstrate a vision which will promote high expectations Application Form References Interview

** Professional Knowledge & Understanding

Knowledge of, and involvement in, developing initiatives relating to the curricular framework, e.g. Curriculum for Excellence Ability to plan coherent, progressive and stimulating teaching programmes which match pupils' needs and abilities Knowledge of how current developments can support effective teaching and learning Knowledge and understanding of literacy, numeracy and health and wellbeing, in the context of the curriculum Evidence of monitoring and tracking pupils' progress and using information to raise achievements and attainment Experience of assessment, moderation, recording and reporting at cluster, local authority or national level Experience in leading curricular developments in line with the curricular framework, e.g. Curriculum for Excellence at school, cluster or authority level

A commitment to small-scale action research

Evidence of effective strategies to support a wide range of pupils' needs

Application Form References Interview

Interpersonal Skills & Abilities

Ability to manage systems which promote positive pupil behaviour Ability to work co-operatively with staff, parents, partners in other agencies and the wider community Ability to respond sensitively and appropriately to challenging situations Application Form References Interview

Professional Actions

Effective management & organisation skills Experience of working with other professionals Experience in supporting new entrants to the profession

Supporting positive and active partnerships within the community

Application Form References Interview


Ability to travel throughout North Ayrshire


Application Form Interview Post -Employment Check

** The Standard for Registration and Standard for Leadership and Management are actively explored as part of North Ayrshire Council's recruitment and Professional Review and Development (PRD) processes. Further information on the Standards can be found on the General Teaching Council Scotland website (GTCS).

You must be GTCS Registered. 

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Teacher (ASN)

£27,438 to £36,480 per annum, Main Grade Teacher 0-6, Saltcoats

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