Compliance Auditor

Serve Legal

  • Contact: Hannah Rees
  • Reference: Scotland Jobs

For those aged 18-19, we are recruiting employees who can carry out our test purchase service for retailers of age restricted products across the UK to ensure staff are asking young people for ID. We are looking for people aged 18 and 19 years old to join the Serve Legal team and carry out age restricted purchases at supermarkets, pubs, cinemas, petrol stations, betting shops and other retail locations. After each purchase, a report is submitted online. This role is part-time and flexible which is ideal to fit in around other part-time work or studies. That being said there is progression for our stand out auditors as they can go on to other roles within the company such as Area Managers and Assistants.

You are paid per visit and we pay for travel expenses.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to become one of our 'Compliance Auditors', then please apply at:

To succeed at this job, you must be willing to travel, be detail oriented, trustworthy, reliable, have good written communication skills and have access to the internet.

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