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Agriculture is one of the oldest industries in the world, we have gone from using an antler for a plough to GPS satellite and computer-linked tractors with ground penetrating radar. Only the arms industry is older, for we were hunter-gathers before we became farmers.

Jobs in agriculture range from muck spreading to sitting at the top table at the UN and the G8 – because the world needs to eat and we all agree that everyone should do that at least once a day.

Merritt Cluff,  a Food and Agriculture Organisation economist, told Forbes Magazine that to grasp the vast size of the market, he suggests thinking about the calories being sold: ‘China’s average [daily] calorie count is 2,500 [per person], whereas in the USA it’s 3,500 or higher. If you were to add, say, 1,000 calories consumption to each Chinese person, you’re talking about a lot of business.’ 

So where do you want your career in agriculture to go? 

Are you going to produce the livestock and harvests? Or be the person who transports them from farm to table? Or are you going to be part of the massive agricultural infrastructure that spans the globe.


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Scottish Sea Farms Ltd
Scottish Sea Farms Ltd in Scalloway

To further progress the business and support the journey of growth we are now looking for a Regional Manager for our Shetland region who will play an integral part in building a bigger future for Scottish Sea Farms. … Read more

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