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Average salary for jobs

Average salary:

Scotland Avg: £26,007
UK Avg: £25,971

Min salary:

Max salary:

Average hourly pay for jobs

Average rate:

Scotland Avg: £14.28
UK Avg: £14.05

Min rate:

Max rate:

There are career paths that lead to high-profile, international CEOs; there are others that will see you working as a janitor in a hostel.  You could manage a budget of £millions; you could cook lunch for the homeless, you could pick litter off beaches.

Or you could be the one who runs the back office that enables all this work to take place; or work as a fund raiser.

All kinds of skills from the public and private sector transfer into the charitable and it may be that your career path will see you spend time in any of these and you grow your working life.

HIJOBS we can help you each step of the way. Set up customised job alerts with us; use your Facebook account, it is the quick way to create a profile; store all your application documents.  Use our App, apply with your phone and never use your computer again.

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£29,519. This is median salary for jobs on HIJOBS over the last 12 months.
£100,000. This is the highest salary listed for jobs on HIJOBS over the last 12 months.
£13.00. This is the median hourly rate of pay for jobs on HIJOBS over the last 12 months.