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Everywhere you look around Scotland you will see the work of welders and that means plenty of work for welders, and that is where HIJOBS can help find your next job.

Thanks to our app, you can set up customised job alerts with us; use your Facebook account, it is the quick way to create a profile; store all your application documents.  Use our App, apply with your phone and never use your computer again.

Welders and fabricators, assembly technicians,  whether qualified or ‘coded’ as MIG, TIG or stick welders there is always a wide variety of jobs available and if you can read and fully understand engineering drawings and ISO quality standards, mark and set up your own work then so much the better.

The job market is once again beginning to see an increase in off-shore and hyperbaric work after a lull in the oil and gas sector. There has never been a better time to polish up your CV or consider improving your qualifications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is currently employing for engineering and technical, welding jobs ?
Employers like Mallaig Boatyard Ltd, Ferguson Transport & Shipping and NEWCo are looking for staff to fill engineering and technical, welding jobs .
£15.15. This is the median hourly rate of pay for engineering and technical, welding jobs on HIJOBS over the last 12 months.