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Living in Fort Augustus

Fort Augustus’ position at the southern end of Loch Ness is a strategic one – the name gives a clue.

The military recognised the importance of its strategic location and built a fort there during the times of the Jacobites. Today the good people of Fort Augustus welcome the annual invasion of tourists by land or water.

That strategic location came into play again when the Caledonian Canal was built. Fort Augustus has a flight of locks for boats to navigate when going from the canal to Loch Ness, making it a popular place to break their journey. It is also a welcome stopping point for people travelling the 167 mile length of the A82 between Glasgow and Inverness.

The economy of this community of nearly 650 people is built upon tourism and the trades and industries which support it, with some forestry, farming and local authority and healthcare jobs thrown into the mix as well.

Children go to Kilchuimen Academy in the village and its primary school; training in tourism-related courses in either catering or hospitality at the University of the Highlands and Islands is a popular choice of further education.

The larger town of Fort William with its magnificent West Highland Line rail link to Glasgow is just over 30 miles away, and Inverness, a little further away north. Just as the Inverness is an employment hub, it is also at the heart of the region’s social and cultural life with plenty of shopping, theatre, cinema and an incredible live music scene. Inverness Airport has routes to all the major British destinations and some European ones and a raillink including the Caledonian Sleeper Service.

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