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Meanwhile back at recognisance: you can find out so much through Google search to help you land your dream job.

First of all, you have done one of the smartest things: you have keyed-in the word HIJOBS into Google search and found us! We can keep you up to date with all the jobs on offer here with us. You can read all  the helpful articles on our site and set up customised job alerts with us; use your Facebook account, it is the quick way to create a profile; store all your application documents.  Use our App, apply with your phone and never use your computer again.

You can also research the company you want to go work for; look at what they have done in the past, are doing now and what their plans are for the future.  You can compose your application and arrive at your interview fully primed and impress by referencing their products, services and success.

And working for Google?

Google has bases in London and Dublin would you like to become a googler? First of all you become a noogler, a new employee and if you leave you’ll be a xoogler.

Like any business, Google needs people to keep developing and maintaing its products. They need sales, service and support staff. Behind these roles comes a whole raft of jobs in marketing, communications and design plus a whole raft of back office job such as strategic planning, financial, legal, personnel and infrastructure.

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Who is currently employing for google jobs ?
Employers like Amazon are looking for staff to fill google jobs .
£29,406. This is median salary for jobs on HIJOBS over the last 12 months.
£100,000. This is the highest salary listed for jobs on HIJOBS over the last 12 months.
£13.00. This is the median hourly rate of pay for jobs on HIJOBS over the last 12 months.