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You HGV/LGV equation was fine when UK = EU but what is going to happen after BREXIT? Who knows? But you can bet that lorries will still be driven because goods will still need to be shifted. Drones and driverless trucks are a long way away; this is a country where the mobile phone signal can drop out at whim and SatNav just shrugs and goes home in very remote and rugged places.

That is why there is such demand for driver training courses and people willing to invest in their future by financing themselves. In many places in the UK there is a shortage of drivers, especially for busses and many employers will fund or part-fund your training.

HIJOBS we can help you find your perfect driving job. Set up customised job alerts with us; use your Facebook account, it is the quick way to create a profile; store all your application documents.  Use our App, apply with your phone and never use your computer again.

If you enjoy driving it can be a great way to earn a living, from self-employed to a huge fleet or working for an agency. If it is legal and licensed you can bet someone will pay you to drive it. How about being a trade plate driver who collects and delivers vehicles. 

With so many different ways to drive for a living there is another workforce to keep them on the road: specialist driving instructors and driver agencies.

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Employers like Royal Mail Group are looking for staff to fill hgv jobs .
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