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Travel back in time for a century or three and look at the blacksmiths at the start of the industrial revolution: it wasn’t going to happen without them.

Now take a look around today: the information age, the computer age, call it what you will; the digital revolution is not going to anywhere fast without its army of IT workers and innovators.

It does not matter where we work or what our title is: behind every great job today there is an IT team.

Computing, digital media, web development, hardware and software, analysts, the emergence of the role of data scientists – every aspect of this information revolution needs legions of IT support staff or it is going to grind to a halt.

Whether that is first or second line support; support for applications, networks or servers, SQL UI/UX or any part of the rapidly growing alphabet soup or wondrous names (don’t you just love  Ruby on Rails?).

So if you are recently graduated and new to the field or looking for your next career move there is a job out there for you here at HIJOBS.

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West Highland Housing Association
Added by West Highland Housing Association
Oban £28,766 to £31,448 per annum Full Time

You will support the Association through the development of ICT&D and work with the Group’s ICT&D to ensure consistency where required in relation to data security, Microsoft 365, data integrity, business information and telephony. … Read more

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