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Living in Kingussie

Move to Kingussie and you better love shinty – or learn to. Kingussie is as near ground zero as you will get for the sport. Kingussie’s team is in the Guinness Book of Records as the most successful sporting team of all time – 20 league wins on the run and being unbeaten for four years at one time. No other club on the planet has achieved that level of success within its own sport.

Kingussie is in the Cairngorm National Park so some of the finest countryside and winter sports venues are close by.

The A86 and A9 give good road access to Kingussie and the railway links it to Inverness, Glasgow and Edinburgh for the times when you want to sample the bright lights and all the shopping, entertainment venues and cultural events on offer; or travel further by rail, or by air from all three cities; Fort William is an hour’s drive away to the west.

Kingussie Primary School sends its children on to Kingussie High, where they are joined by pupils from four other neighbouring primary schools, making Kingussie a social hub for young families.

Many people still work on the land either through agriculture, forestry or the national park but tourism and hospitality and outdoor leisure play a major role. All this activity works up an appetite so that might go some way to explain the success of the Food on Film Festival, held in Kingussie for 10 years now. There are not just foodie films to enjoy but a fantastic food hall at the three-day event.

Kingussie is a great place but don’t just take our word for it: Compton Mackenzie’s book Monarch of the Glen was partly set here and the recent BBC series of the same title was filmed in the area – and Kingussie even got an honourable mention in Slumdog Millionaire.

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