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The sports industry, either supplying or equipping, or delivering the sporting product itself needs an impressive amount of administration. You can bet that Manchester United has more accountants than it does centre forwards. 

This is an industry that can take you from mucking out a stable to running computer diagnostics on the engine of an Edge 540 before an air race. You could be poolside as a lifeguard in your local leisure centre or making sure that the greens are in perfect condition for the world’s most famous golfers. You can be the physio who can bring a premier league footballer back from injury or you can be the IT technician making sure that ticket sales sites don’t crash. Or you could be the kid with the Saturday job in a sports shop, selling a pair of trainers.

There is more than a sporting chance that you can find your dream job and build a career in this industry.

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Employers like Orkney Islands Council are looking for staff to fill sports jobs .
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