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Average salary for summer jobs

Average salary:

Scotland Avg: £26,007
UK Avg: £25,971

Min salary:

Max salary:

Do you want a break from the world of study and do something completely different; Scotland has an army of seasonal workers who come from all over Europe (this is being pre any finalisation of Brexit).  Why don’t you join them and get out in the fresh country air, picking fruit.

Scotland is one of the world’s most favourite tourist destinations and the latest annual figures from Visit Scotland report spending by tourists in generated around £11 billion of economic activity in the wider Scottish supply chain and contributed around £6 billion to Scottish GDP. The number crunching boils down to one fact: lots of lovely seasonal jobs from which you can pick and choose to boost your income and your CV.

Fancy being an assistant warden in a youth hostel miles from anywhere? Housekeeping, waiting-on, working bar or reception in a glitzy city centre hotel? 

Working in a street food truck during the Edinburgh Festival? If you can think of it, then chances are that job is available within the tourism and hospitality sector in the summer.

And remember: all kinds of work looks good on a CV.  Any catering or hotel work shows you are not afraid of hard work and can mix with people from all walks of life and be part of a team.

This is now a world where people will text rather than talk and instagram or facebook rather than interact face-to-face. If you can show you have people skills honed by a summer in a cafe or shop, a fruit-picking gang, or a tourist gift shop then you are a far more valuable job candidate come the end of your degree course.

Or do you plan on a career in tourism or hospitality and a summer job while at school or college is going to be a great chance to get your foot in the door for that all-important first step on the ladder?

Perhaps you are retired and looking to boost your income and get out and about and meet more people through a summer job. That is the glorious thing about HIJOBS, we have such an incredible range of jobs and people looking for them, we can help you find your perfect match.

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£24,559. This is median salary for summer jobs on HIJOBS over the last 12 months.
£24,677. This is the highest salary listed for summer jobs on HIJOBS over the last 12 months.
Orkney Islands Council have offered some of the most popular summer jobs.