Mowi Scotland

A partnership focused on building an employer brand and effective job advertising

Mowi employ more than 550 people across all their sites and facilities, recruiting staff and helping sustain jobs and communities in some of the most economically fragile parts of the UK.

"People often mistakenly think the jobs we offer are fairly straightforward manual jobs, but that’s no longer the case. Some of our jobs are very technical and complex and we have a wide range of different jobs within the company – at the last count we had more than 74 different posts. They vary from environmental specialists to accountants, as well as those based on the farms."
— Ben Hadfield, COO of Mowi Scotland

For over 5 years, HIJOBS has worked with Mowi to ensure that whatever the requirements for staffing they have, we can deliver quality results quickly.

Building a positive employer brand

Mowi has always had a great employer reputation, with some of the longest serving employees with any business regularly being rewarded for their loyalty.

Using testimonials and social media, we are able to continually share employee's peronsal stories to would-be candidates on why they should consider a career in aquaculture.

Environmental responsibility and sustainability is at the heart of the business ethos, so highlighting the misconceptions about salmon farming is a big part of the employer message that we promote. Ensuring that's there's a fair and balanced discussion around the industry can encourage more talent into aquaculture to help innovate and continually improve standards.

Utilising our reach

With staffing requirements in very remote areas, finding the right candidates for Mowi’s roles can be challenging.

However, since 2012 HIJOBS has specialised in showcasing the opportunities available in the furthermost parts of the country and in that time built a following of people from both near and far keen to work in the most beautiful areas of the world.

In particular, the Highlands and Islands have suffered from it's communities having little or no work and being faced no choice but to leave the area. By using technology to find and highlight jobs in the many industries that do thrive here, from food and drink, hospitality and tourism, to manufacturing and energy production, we show that it is possible to live and work in the perfect location.

"With candidates changing how they seek employment using technologies like Facebook, Twitter and mobile apps we saw the immediate benefits of working with HIJOBS."

Passive marketing

By mixing together the company message with the job vacancies on offer, we are able to promote these opportunities both actively and passively.

Those candidates that have expressed a direct interest in vacancies with the company will get immediate notifications when jobs become available, as well as those searching for opportunities in the wider industry or location.

Vacancies also can be promoted passively, foremost via the extensive social media reach and the careful optimisation we've developed to automate this. In addition, by highlighting the brand in certain key locations such as our homepage or on email notifications, we create a further passive reach to those considering a change of career.

Performance Metrics

Figures from 2019:

  • 140 positions advertised
  • 45,349 job views
  • 6,182 applicants
  • 323 views per job, on average
  • 44 applications per job, on average

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