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Work in an office and you are working in an ancient occupation.

The very word itself has come down via Middle English and Old French from the Medieval Latin roots of officium, performance of a task, based on the Latin words opus, work, and facere, do.

In fact the work goes back way, way longer than that, because as soon as human society moved from hunter gathering clans to agriculture and settled communities developed then someone had to run the place. For every crazed, noble family in Game of Thrones you can bet there was someone ordering up the armaments and checking that the wheelwrights delivered the correct number and size on the due date. (Mind you, the credit and quality control was probably a bit more brutal back then).

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Oban Electrical Services Due to continued success in securing several long term contracts we require the following full time personnel to join our Facilities management and Contracting departments. We are seeking an FM - Help Desk Co-ordinator. … Read more